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Well sinking

Water from your own well – for everyone who wants to save on the cost of water.

A great deal of water is required for watering the garden and for cleaning, particularly in the summer months. Expensive drinking water is frequently used, although large quantities of ground water are often available in your own garden. A professional well will guarantee a cheap supply of water for years.

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Geothermal plant engineering

Geothermal energy:
Power from the earth!

Geothermal energy is the name of the thermal energy that is available under the surface of the solid ground. Irrespective of the season or hours of sunshine, the temperature in the ground is over +3°C to about +13°C all year round. This guarantees economical heating and hot water for the entire year.

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Deep drilling

Handke offers you deep drilling.

Drilling into the earth is done for a number of reasons. Some are exploratory, many are for oil, some for water, some for mining purposes, and others for various reasons. Let us know what we can do for you!

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